Company Profile


Over a period of 20 years Macquarie established offices in all states of Australia and upon the retirement of its directors in Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and Gold Coast in 2008, Macquarie invested in the purchase of new office premises in Melbourne and Sydney and concentrated its on the ground activities from those two states and retained a network of reputable longstanding agents to assist with interstate collections.

Macquarie has achieved an excellent working relationship with Local, Magistrates, District, County, Federal Circuit and Supreme Courts, through its associated law firms. A significant aspect of that Court relationship is based upon Macquaries’ reputation for perfection in legal documentation – do it once, do it right.

We are the only collection group in Australia that remits collected funds immediately to clients – no delays associated with trust banking of client’s monies – collected today – in your bank account tomorrow.

Quietly and efficiently, that’s how we do things – no call centres or harassment of debtors – our fully trained, professional, tertiary qualified and fully licensed team of account managers provide clients with a  personal service and ever ready stream of advice and account status updates and because that’s all we do we’ve become very good at it.

Macquarie’s client base is extremely diverse and includes many of the most well known companies in the country – whether large or small, each client receives our dedicated personal attention.

Retaining clients in such a competitive industry, where agencies will promise the world yet have no capacity to deliver, is not easy – many of our clients have been with us for more than 24 years – that type of loyalty cannot be bought – it has been earned.

Long Term Objectives

To remain a leader in the field while operating a financially secure business.

Continuing to provide a client service that ensures that 'new client' referrals from our existing client base continue to be the measure of our success.

Retaining our quality personnel by maintaining equitable staff to work load ratios.