Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I charge my debtors for the collection costs?
A. Many court costs can be added to the debt amount when you decide to send a matter to the courts. For a list of recoverable items, simply contact us for a list of Fees & Services.

Q. Does Macquarie Collections charge commission?
A. Commission is charged only on amounts recovered from the debtor. Commission rates are subject to change and a nil commission regime can be implemented upon payment of an agreed annual fee.

Q. When is it a good time to send an account to a collection agency?
A. The sooner the better. The longer an account is left unpaid, the smaller the opportunities are to recover the funds. Most clients do their own initial follow up then pass onto Macquarie for further action.

Q. Will I always get my money back from my debtors?
A. Unfortunately, not all debts can be recovered for reasons beyond our control. For example, bankruptcy or insolvency usually prevents monies from being recoverable. We ask all of our clients to work on an 80% success rate.

Q. When is a debt too small to take action against?
A. No debt is too small to do something about. Demand letters are a minimal cost and are very successful. Macquarie Collections also offer Final Notice Pads, which are books of 20 self-addressed notices, for those smaller debt amounts.